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We, VNextGen Technologies provide Virtualization Consulting Services and offer design plan for your new virtualization setting based on existing and future business and technical necessities, and develop a comprehensive task and implementation timeline that includes server, network, and storage components.

Our range of Server Virtualization Consulting Services addresses both processing power and complexity of server network. By employing specifically designed software, a physical server can be converted into multiple virtual machines by an administrator and each virtual server behaves like a unique physical entity and capable of processing its own operating system (OS).

We provide Desktop Virtualization Consulting Services are typically designed to spate desktop environment and its corresponding application software from the client system. Our Desktop Virtualization Consulting Services can be used in conjunction with Application Virtualization Consulting Services.

Our Application Virtualization Consulting Services encapsulates applications from operating system in order to improve their deliverability and compatibility.

We also offer Storage Virtualization Consulting Services to enable better functionality and progressive features within the storage system (Storage array or Disk array).

VNextGen Technologies being one of the reputed Security Consultants in the market offer most reliable and impeccable solutions and ensure your organization’s network security by providing solutions like Virtual Desktop Virtualization Consulting Services and many more.