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The world is driven by software, be it our data centre hardware solution or client PC/Laptop, tablets and mobile phones. At Embee we believe that the age of smart software licensing solutions has now given way to wise software licensing solutions... and that is because what you do today has its effect on your business and bottom lines tomorrow. Hence we help you understand what software you already own and have deployed, making the options for your next investment more clear.

Managing the licenses for a range of software across Enterprises is a herculean task – dealing with the administration of a complete range of different software products and with a whole range of different license models. At Embee we take the time to fully examine your IT environment, challenges, growth plans, and strategic initiatives prior to making any recommendations. We help you select the ideal licensing agreement to meet your business needs thereby ensuring that what you invest today gives its returns tomorrow.

Embee's expertise in Software licensing is profound. We were one of the first licensing partners of Microsoft in India and have grown to become their LAR partners three years ago which is the most prestigious partner program of Microsoft globally. Along with Microsoft, we developed our competency and capability to a wider range of managing software licenses for Adobe, Oracle, Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, Siemens and SAP B1 amongst others. Embee has achieved the highest level of partnership with Adobe as their platinum partner, Gold partner for Symantec and an enterprise partner for Oracle. Such accolades highlight Embee’s proficiency in the subject. Our Licensing Specialists will help you find the best software licensing model specific to your organisation and its needs to derive maximum utility from the investment.