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Oracle's solutions enable software companies to provide provide world-class customer service and efficient sales operations, while helping to ensure perfect ordering, fulfillment, and revenue recognition.

Oracle's technology solutions are integrated from applications to disk and designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments.

Oracle’s IT solutions are powerful, designed to help minimize risk, streamline business processes and reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure.

While Oracle’s software is powerful, its licensing policies are complex. Clients can find themselves unintentionally in a position of non-compliance or see costs quickly spiral upwards. SoftwareONE will interpret your current and future business needs and constraints and link them to your software needs.

If you already have Oracle software or currently evaluating a future investment, SoftwareONE can help optimize your setup and contractual spend on Oracle software while supporting innovation and business growth.

  • Oracle Licensing Discovery Workshops
  • Oracle 360 Analysis
  • Oracle Strategy Design
  • Oracle Technology Solutions Discovery & Roadmap
  • Oracle Contracting Support
  • Oracle Licensing Process Design
  • Oracle License Audit Support
  • Oracle Advisory Subscription
  • Oracle Software and License Management
  • ULA Optimization Management