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Desktop Central scans the Windows systems in the network to collect and store the hardware details in the database. This data is presented in the form of reports for ready reference. The reports also provide a graphical representation and has a drill-down capability to show more detailed information about the hardware and software details along with their usage metrics for each computer. The following Hardware Inventory reports are provided by Desktop Central.

Desktop Hardware & Software encompasses a number of offerings, including advice on choosing appropriate hardware, setting up your hardware, installing the software you need, managing your desktop or notebook and providing ongoing support and repairs.

Using recommended hardware and software allows you to receive the best, most efficient support from our IT team. Additionally, the managed desktop offerings (both physical and virtual) for faculty, staff, and researchers relieve departments, schools, and individuals of the responsibilities and costs associated with managing personal computers. Our software support offering helps you purchase, install and use a variety of software products. And if your computer malfunctions we can diagnose and repair it.