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Brocade switches are classified into:


1. Brocade VDX 6740, 6740T, and 6740T-1G Switches
The Brocade VDX 6740 and 6740T are Ethernet fabric Top of Rack (ToR) switches featuring 10 GbE ports with 40 GbE uplinks. The Brocade VDX 6740T-1G Switch offers dual-speed functionality, and can be deployed with 1000BASE-T for existing 1 GbE server connectivity and upgraded via software to 10GBASE-T for future bandwidth growth.

High performance and low latency:
Provides high performance with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) access ports and 40 GbE uplinks, as well as ultra-low latency through wire-speed ports and automated hardware-based Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunking.

Flexible bandwidth options:
Offers flexibility to deploy 1000BASE-T and upgrade to 10GBASE-T for higher bandwidth.
Maximizes network utilization:
Enables efficient, load-balanced multipathing at Layers 1, 2, and 3, including multiple Layer 3 gateways.

2. Brocade VDX 6940 Switches

The Brocade VDX 6940 delivers the industry’s highest port density in a fixed form factor, making it the most efficient leaf and spine switch. Zero-touch scale-out through auto-forming fabric based on Brocade Fabric VCS technology.
The market’s highest 10 GbE and 40 GbE density in a fixed form factor.
Optimized packet buffer and latency for better application performance.
Improved capacity, with the ability to scale up to a 120 GbE uplink with Brocade ISL Trunking.
Seamless, unified physical and virtual resources with Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX.


3. Brocade VDX 8770 Switch
The Brocade VDX 8770 Switch is a highly scalable, low-latency, 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) modular switch. Designed to easily scale out Brocade VCS fabrics, the Brocade VDX 8770 Switch brings new levels of performance to VCS fabric deployments.
Delivers 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) wire-speed switching with auto-trunking Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) for non-disruptive scaling.


Enables connectivity for over 1,000 server ports with scale-out fabrics, 10,000 ports with multifabrics, and 100,000 ports using multifabrics with overlays.
Simplifies Virtual Machine (VM) mobility and management with automated, dynamic port profile configuration and migration.


4.Brocade ICX 7750 Switch
The Brocade ICX 7750 is a 1U fixed form-factor 10/40 GbE switch that delivers a chassis experience for campus LAN aggregation and core layers. It offers unprecedented port density and chassis-level performance, availability, and scalability.
Delivers superior value by incorporating enterprise-grade advanced features such as VRRPe, BGP, robust IPv4/IPv6 support, Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT), and Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF).
Offers industry-leading 10/40 GbE port density and flexibility in a 1U form factor with up to 32 40 GbE or 96 10 GbE ports per unit, saving valuable rack space and power in wiring closets.
Enables single point of management across the campus through a distributed chassis architecture supporting long-distance stacking and new Brocade Switch Port Extender* technology.


5.Brocade ICX 6650 Switch
The Brocade ICX 6650 is a one RU 10/40 GbE Ethernet switch that delivers industry-leading 10/40 GbE density, unmatched price/performance, and seamless scalability.
Designed for campus LAN aggregation deployments and demanding data center Top-of-Rack (ToR) environments requiring cost-effective connectivity, the Brocade ICX 6650 offers flexible Ports on Demand (PoD) licensing for non-disruptive pay-as-you-grow scalability and Multi- Chassis Trunking (MCT) for active-active high-availability deployment.

6. Brocade ICX 7250 Switch
The Brocade ICX 7250 Switch delivers the performance, flexibility, and scalability required for enterprise Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) access deployment.
Offers enterprise-class stackable switching at an entry-level price, allowing organizations to buy what they need now and easily scale Brocade HyperEdge Architecture as demand grows and new technologies emerge.
Enables enterprise-class manageability with up to 8×10 GbE ports for stacking or uplinks.
Offers full Power over Ethernet (PoE+) to power wireless access points, video surveillance and video conferencing equipment, VDI terminals, and HD displays directly from the switch.


7.Brocade ICX 7450 Switch
The Brocade ICX 7450 stackable switch delivers the performance, flexibility, and scalability required for enterprise Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) access deployment. It offers market-leading stacking density with up to 12 switches per stack and combines chassis-level performance and reliability with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and “pay as you grow” scalability of a stackable solution.

8. Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches
Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches deliver enterprise-class stackable switching at an entry-level price. Designed for small to medium-size enterprises, branch offices, and distributed campuses, these intelligent, scalable edge switches deliver enterprise-class functionality at an affordable price.

Simplified network operations and investment protection with the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, enabling consolidated network management and advanced services sharing across heterogeneous switches.
Attractive 12-port, compact, and enterprise-class fanless switch model for deployments outside the wiring closet.


9. Brocade ICX 6610 Switch
The Brocade ICX 6610 Switch redefines the economics of enterprise networking by providing unprecedented levels of performance, availability, and flexibility in a stackable form factor—delivering the capabilities of a chassis with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a stackable switch.

Simplifies network operations and protects investments with the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, enabling consolidated network management and advanced services sharing across heterogeneous switches.
Offers up to eight “pay-as-you-need” 10 GbE ports activated through software licensing.


10. Brocade MLX Series
Brocade MLX Series core routers deliver unprecedented scale and performance, high reliability, and operational efficiency for the most demanding service provider and enterprise networks.
Built on a programmable architecture with high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 40 GbE, and 10 GbE routing, these routers meet massive bandwidth demands, while maximizing ROI. Leading Open Flow 1.3 scale in hybrid port mode provides a seamless transition to SDN for increased network agility and programmatic control.

11. Brocade NetIron CER 2000 Series
Brocade NetIron CER 2000 Series compact routers are purpose-built for high-performance Ethernet edge routing, MPLS, and SDN. These 10 GbE-enabled fixed-form routers can store a complete Internet table and are ideal for supporting routing applications cost-effectively in Metro Ethernet, data center, and campus networks. In addition to providing unmatched route scalability in a flexible form, the NetIron CER 2000 supports Open Flow, providing an SDN solution for programmatic control of the network.

12. Brocade NetIron CES 2000 Series
The Brocade NetIron CES 2000 Series of switches provides IP routing, advanced Carrier Ethernet, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities in a compact form factor. These 10 GbE/1 GbE-capable 1U switches offer deep buffers and are ideal for Carrier Ethernet service delivery at the network edge for increased profitability and efficiency.

13. Brocade 6910 Ethernet Access Switch
The Brocade 6910 Ethernet Access Switch provides a flexible, easy-to-deploy solution to address the challenges service providers face today. Optimized for pure-play Ethernet access within metro areas, the Brocade 6910 supports applications for mobile backhaul, business services and residential triple-play offerings.

14. Brocade FCX Series
The Brocade FCX Series offers enterprise-class stackable Layer 2/3 edge switches with 24 or 48 GbE ports and optional 10 GbE uplinks, providing new levels of performance, scalability, and flexibility required for today’s enterprise campus and data center networks.


15. Brocade FastIron SX Series
The Brocade FastIron SX Series of switches delivers industry-leading price/performance value in a campus aggregation and core solution. These powerful switches provide a scalable, secure, low-latency, and fault-tolerant IP services infrastructure for 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) enterprise deployments.

16. Brocade FastIron WS Series
The Brocade FastIron WS Series switches are entry-level enterprise campus switches that provide cost-effective connectivity, PoE for VoIP, and a rich feature set for optimizing the network all the way to the edge.
Models are WS 624, WS 624-POE, WS 648, WS 648-POE, WS 624G, WS 624G-POE, WS 648G and WS 648G-POE

17. Brocade TurboIron 24X Switch
The Brocade TurboIron 24X switch is a compact, high-performance, high-availability, and high-density 10/1 GbE dual-speed solution that meets mission-critical data center top-of-Rack and High-Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC) requirements.