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Web filtering/Content filtering is a program or a set of programs that helps to avoid accessing few items that cause harm if opened. Some of the items that include in the filtering process are emails, and websites. These filters can be employed both as software and through a hardware solution.

The filtering process involves matching character strings. The content cannot be accessed or allowed if the strings match. Web filters or Content filters are usually part of internet firewalls. It is also used in implementing organization policies that are related to the usage of information system.

An effective web content filtering solution has the capability of pointing the accurate portions of web content that are not to be allowed by breaking down and critically analyzing the web traffic. The main reasons why an organization requires Web content filtering are:

Security: As the content in the web is usually aggregated from many other sites, filtering through domain name isn’t just sufficient. Also, the new ways are opened up for hackers and other virus writers to spread the malicious content. So an effective web content filtering involves filtering the complete web based data without restricting itself to the source.