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All the corporate today have the primordial necessity of wireless solutions, and Proactive All the corporate today have the primordial necessity of wireless solutions, and Proactive Data Solutions offers the ultimate wireless technology that enables everyone to get connected ‘Anywhere and Anytime!’ WLANs that started as casual hotspots, evolved into centrally controlled enterprise access networks, and are now evolving into a business-critical platform for interactive multimedia traffic. Several market transitions are behind this latest development. This is the main reason why corporate nowadays are switching to Wireless Networking solution too. These not only attribute towards the convenience factor; rather they help in giving a boost to the productivity of the employees, thereby giving them a competitive edge over their competitors. These also help in reducing training and travel cost for the companies. It’s also a beginning to reshape business models, especially in retail.

In the near future with the growing bandwidth requirements, networks will be designed and built with the performance to handle interactive multimedia for many simultaneous users. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides the highest performance and most scalable platform for business communications today and in the future. The 802.11n standard provides the bandwidth and reliability to support interactive multimedia applications, with up to 9 times the performance of 802.11 a/g networks. In addition, Cisco has true enterprise-class RF technology designed to maximize 802.11n standard performance. Cisco technologies such as CleanAir, ClientLink, and VideoStream, plus optimized access point radio and antennas, improve performance regardless of where the device is located. Cisco leads the wireless industry by providing unmatched mobility services, wireless network management solutions.

Wireless Solutions provided by Proactive, offer business mobility with the scalability factor where these solutions can be customized to suit individual corporate suitability. Also the fact that they are cost effective gives an extra boost to them, along with the fact that they can offer flexibility and freedom from geographical constrains. We at Proactive aim at the understanding the actual business requirement of our customer’s and based on it we offer a solution which is reliable and secure to match wired like security. We are innovators in designing & deploying enterprise class wireless solutions in both indoor and outdoor. Our prime focus is on retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education verticals.