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Log Analyzer critically analyzes the computer-generated records and creates a record of those data while event correlation is a process of sorting out important information from a large number of events. We being reputed RSA Log Analyzer Solution Providers offer comprehensive network activity accounting, customizable reporting competences, network availability determination and streamlined incident handling.

Why do organizations need Log Analyzer & Event Correlation?

Generally organizations IT infrastructure produce huge amount of logs daily and these logs that are generated from machine have important information that can provide influential acumens and network security intellect into network anomalies, system downtime, user behaviors, etc. Symantec Log Analyzer & Event Correlation Solution Providers offer 24×7 monitoring and real-time analysis. They tackle compliance, security, and insider threats with highly advanced, pre-defined templates and automated log management system. Symantec Event Correlation Solution Providers offer real-time security information management solution that collects, correlates, and stores event, vulnerability and compliance logs and documents the actions that your security staff takes to help keep your information systems secure. 

GFI Log Analyzer Solution Providers identify various security issues, downtimes or outages in the network systems. It can also filter unwanted events. They investigate suspicious activities that happen in the browsers included into the product, which allow you examine the events critically, through advanced data filtering and sorting features. GFI Event Correlation Solution Providers offer supreme support to observe critical security events network-wide and detect attacks & malicious network users.